Staking Guides

If you own crypto tokens such as Polkadot, Kusama, Cosmos, and other staking compatible coins, staking is a relatively passive way to boost return while your tokens stay in your wallet. It’s good for owners who intent to hold them for long term since staking involves locking up your tokens in your wallet between 7-28 days, depending on the network.

The decision to buy which token is a personal one. Once you have decided on a token to own, we can help you grow your token pile via staking. The below table briefly summarizes the token we support to help you make better staking decisions.

TokenAverage ReturnLock Period
Polkadot (DOT)13%-15%28 days
Kusama (KSM)18%-20%7 days
Cosmos (ATOM)15%-18%21 days
Juno (JUNO)75%-80%28 days
Kava (KAVA)30%-35%21 days
Comdex (CMDX)40%-45%21 days
Stride (STRD)APR% pending14 days
Chihuahua (HUAHUA)280%+28 days
Rebus (REBUS)1500%+14 days
Teritori (TORI)250%+14 days
Meme (MEME)250%+14 days
OmniFlix (FLIX)Launching soon21 days

For detailed instructions on staking with us, please refer to our staking guides

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  2. Kusama staking guide
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