Jackal Tools

The following tool downloads are for Jackal Mainnet.

Address Book

If your node is having problem connecting to peers, try using this address book.

Download address book

How to use address book

To use the address book. First stop your node, then download the addrbook.json file and copy to your node config folder. Detailed steps below.

sudo systemctl stop canined
wget -O addrbook.json https://usw-snapshots.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/jkl/addrbook.json
cp addrbook.json $HOME/.canine/config/addrbook.json
sudo systemctl start canined

Snapshot (work-in-progress)

TypeProtocol VersionSizeSnapshot FrequencyDownload URL
Pruned 100/0/19canined v1.1.21 Gbevery 12hsnapshot.tar.lz4

These snapshots currently are created every 12 hours or immediately as needed.

The download URL is a permalink. The link will remain the same even though the file will be updated. The permalink allows you to incorporate it into your node creation automation script.

To use our snapshot, you’ll need to match your node settings to our snapshot setting initially in order to start syncing. Once your node is synced to latest block height, you can then change your pruning setting to other settings you desire.

Pruning settings

To use our snapshot, change the following settings

app.toml – file located in your .canine/config folder

pruning = “custom”
pruning-keep-recent = “100”
pruning-keep-every = “0”
pruning-interval = “19”

config.toml – file located in your .canine/config folder

indexer = “null”

Note that the default indexer setting is “kv”.

How to use snapshot

To use our snapshot, follow the detailed steps below.

  1. Download the snapshot file
  2. Stop your service (or cosmovisor if you’re running cosmovisor)
  3. Reset your data folder. Be sure to backup your priv_validator_key.json and node_key.json files
  4. Extract snapshot file
  5. Optional step – Update file ownership as needed if it’s changed during file extraction
  6. Restart your service (or cosmovisor if you’re running cosmovisor)

See actual commands below. Comments for each step are the text following the # sign.

wget -O snapshot.tar.lz4 https://usw-snapshots.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/jkl/snapshot.tar.lz4
sudo systemctl stop canined
canined tendermint unsafe-reset-all –keep-addr-book
lz4 -c -d snapshot.tar.lz4 | tar -x -C ~/.canine
chown -R YOUR_USER:YOUR_GROUP ~/.canine/data
sudo systemctl start canined

Chain Upgrade

For normal upgrades that can be handled via cosmovisor, we automate using the script template below. For more complex custom upgrades, we create specific upgrade instructions near the time of upgrade.

Upgrade script template

Upgrade instruction

Genesis File

This is a mirror of the team’s genesis file on the project’s github page. Be sure to check the file shasum hash.

Download genesis.json

Team’s github page