Institutional Staking

On the Polkadot and Kusama network, we support dedicated nodes for institutional staking. Below are some advantages of staking with us as a large token holder.

  1. Secure non-custodial staking – Your wallet keys stay private with you. No fund transfer needed. You simply nominate our reserved nodes.
  2. Private & anonymous – You can work with us in complete anonymity if your wallets and contacts are anonymous.
  3. Top quartile returns – Because you stake exclusively with our reserved nodes, we can optimize the nodes to generate returns that consistently rank in the top quartile or top 10 on the network.
  4. Flexibility – If our nodes are not performing to your standard, you can simply unstake any time. Since it’s non-custodial staking, there’s no hassle of transferring fund. It stays in your private wallet to begin with.

How it works

  1. Request node – Simply complete the short form below to request for a reserved node or contact us. If you want to remain private / anonymous, simply create a new public email when contacting us.
  2. Choose our reserved nodes – Once we receive your request, a StakePile reserved node will become available on the network you requested. You then simply stake your tokens on our reserved node within 48 hours of your request and start growing your pile. That’s it!

Request reserved node

We'll notify you when your reserved node is ready
Once we confirm your wallet, your reserved node will be spun up within the same day. Please ensure fund is ready to be staked.
When we spin up your node, it will contain the unique name you provided as a suffix so that you know this node is for you. For example, STAKEPILE/mynode2